From the very beginning, dating back to 1962, the activities of Quimunsa have been subject to a constant evolution, leading to today’s level of excellence and position as the leading company of its gender.

The installations cover an area of 11.000 m/2, integrating the production sites with the R+D department of 300 m/2 and the marketing, sales and administration department of 500 m/2. 

The company owns over 500 product references developed by its R+D department and holds 200 official copyrights.

It has implemented various quality certifications, amongst which the following could be highlighted:

  • GMP - Good Manufacturing Practise of the pharmaceutical industry.
  • ISO-9.001 - Certificate of compliance of quality management
  • SELLO DE CALIDAD AITIM - AITIM Quality certificate: specification of the UNE norms for timber treatment.

In addition to that, it counts on the following authorizations:

  • Authorization from the “Laboratorio Farmacéutico de Medicamentos Veterinarios, Nº 514” 
  • Authorization as “Manufacturer of Zoo-sanitary Products” for pet hygiene, care and control, HCM-514.
  • Authorization from the Public Health Department for manufacturing of disinfectants, insecticides and rodenticides Nº 37.001607 /BI.
  • Certificate of registration in the public register of agents in the animal food sector. A1148/01.
  • Certificate of registration in the public register of PCO, level “highly poisonous”. Area of application: Crop, Cattle, Food and environment. PF, D, T-7/BI.

    It has a highly qualified team of experts working on the area of homologation and authorization as well within Spain as in all the external markets in which its products are sold.

Química de Munguía S.A.

Derio Bidea 51
48100 Munguía, Vizcaya